Overseas Education Consultants in Ajmer

  • Unisys Educational Research is one of the best overseas education consultancy in Ajmer have years of expertise in various parts of International Education. Unisys Educational Research is a one answer for all your education needs worldwide. Our dedicated and qualified team of master guides is very much prepared for all difficulties related with complex procedure of resettlement. We work with different prestigious educational organizations and has sent number of students to different Colleges and Institutes in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, & New Zealand.


    Why to choose Unisys Educational Research/ Top overseas Education Consultants in Ajmer

    • We serve to give general info about existence and also education abroad.
    • We are also engage in giving particular info on different Courses and Institutions according to the individual necessities of the students.
    • At Unisys Educational Research, we give individual as well as group advising to the students and their parents and Guardians.
    • Our master advisors help with the planning & also submission of Applications.
    • We serve to speak with the institutions for the benefit of the students.
    • Help the students with the arrangement and accommodation.
    • Helping students to locate a right course and correct institute to coordinate the course.