India is the second most populous country in the world. With the population, competition in every field has also increased. Many students are taking years to prepare for competitive exams like IIT-JEE or NEET. Kota, Jaipur (Rajasthan), Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Delhi and Chennai are entrance educational hub of the country, mainly for the science stream. There are educational institutions and coaching centers mushrooming in Kota. The large number of options available makes the choice difficult for the students. The main problem arises for the outstation students, mainly the NRIs.

    Due to choices ranging from coaching to that of accommodation, food, College, the NRI students have a difficult time settling down. Some places are inferior, while others are overpriced. Some does not have good location while others don't have proper infrastructure. Exposed to these circumstances, a student may lose hopes and find themselves alone. The point of conception of Unisys, though, is that you are not alone. No matter what the concern, Unisys is here to help.




    Unisys is formed to extend all educational help possible to the students to prepare for entrance test in Kota. Now when the NRIs/ outstation students need our help, how can we sit back? The answer is that we don't. We understand that finding the best school or coaching, accommodation and food can be a challenge for those who are not familiar with the location. We have noticed how NRI students mostly live life in compromise for the entire time that they stay in Kota and Jaipur specially to prepare for their competitive exams.
    We try and make the experience of making the right choices buttery smooth for the NRI students. We assist them to find the best coaching exactly according to their need. We take care that they come upon such accommodation that is suitable to them financially and lifestyle-wise. We are careful that they have access to healthy, nutritious food of their choice and nothing less. When the NRI students come to us, we take full care of them throughout their settlement and make our best effort to minimize their headaches. We are cautious of any need that they may have or any difficulty they may face and we are always one step ahead to solve it. We arrange a comprehensive package for the NRI students starting from school, coaching, accommodation and food.




    Unisys takes care of their students like their own children. NRI students know the struggle of roaming the streets under scorching sunlight to find coaching or accommodation. The riddle like streets hold many falsely advertised so called "facilities" to trap the NRI students into paying the double amount than any usual student who might know matter. There are many locals who know this and they wait for the perfect opportunity to strike. Many NRI students are naive enough to trust these locals and get befooled in return.
    This lack of knowledge is what Unisys strives to protect the students against. They are nameless individuals and on the other hand, Unisys is a full-fledged educational consultancy with the founders who has International exposure in this field. The decision of who to trust always lies with the student. Although, it is a wise choice to trust Unisys since we don't just provide assistance but complete package that is both affordable and convenient to the student.


Doing the right thing, at the right time.



We are objective while giving guidance and consultancy with no considerations other than aptitude and interest.Working with visionary governments, we oversees the delivery of programs that strive for education for all � whether that is through establishing gender parity, rebuilding education systems following conflict or reaching the hard to reach.




The team at Unisys is highly experienced and has international exposure in the field of Education.Unisys helps people really believe in their dreams. We provide guidance and advice to many people.This helps each person in realizing their full potential and helping them achieve success.




We are totally up-to-date about the educational trends worldwide and thus we dedicate ourselves completely for this purpose.We act as a bridge by providing Indian students with internships in foreign countries. Unisys as an educational consultancy is not just for the service of Indian students but also of the NRI students.