Study Abroad And Become A Stronger Individual

Study Abroad And Become A Stronger Individual

You grow up amongst your friends and your family, and your life revolves around them. But as you grow up and start thinking of your higher education and your career, it is a possibility that you get an opportunity to study abroad for a course that is close to your heart. The attraction of a good education at a prestigious university and a glittering career after that is difficult to resist. But when you actually start planning for the trip, it hits you that this will mean leaving behind everyone you know and venturing into the unknown. So many questions trouble you as you get ready for your sojourn - whether your finances are adequate, whether you can take care of your health, and what about those unavoidable feelings of homesickness? You are not the first person who has been troubled by these and other similar questions at this important juncture of life, often make you consider giving up the opportunity altogether. But these bouts of doubting yourself and your abilities can actually give way to a much stronger you, provided you convince yourself of the benefits such a journey will provide to you as a person, apart from the obvious boost to your education and career. Let us see how you can become a better and stronger person when you choose to go in for higher education outside India.

Become A World Citizen

Have you heard of the frog in the well? An education outside India would allow you to meet and stay with other students from all over the world, and allow you to get that frog out of the well and discover the world outside. That also helps when you start your career, and you find it easy to work with people of different backgrounds and cultures.

Become Self Reliant

Getting out of the comfort zone of your home would make you more independent. For instance, you would learn to cook and eat by yourself, instead of relying on someone else. Of course, staying alone also means that you could treat yourself a dinner alone at a restaurant once in a while. Similarly, for all your other chores like cleaning, doing the laundry, and doing the dishes, you will soon learn to plan your work and complete them by yourself. All this cooking and cleaning might sound daunting now, but once you get into it, the feeling of independence it will give you is invaluable.

Become Courageous

Many people feel that home is the safest place to be, and are inherently scared of venturing outside. But that is just like refusing to take your car out on the roads just because accidents happen every day. Once you take that first step towards your destiny, you would also have taken that first step to conquer your fears.

Recognize Priorities, Manage Time

One comfort of staying at home is that you have people around to help you do things and take decisions. But once you go abroad for your education and start living alone, you would realize that everything has to be taken care of by you, and initially it would seem that there aren't enough hours in a day to do all that. And that is when you develop the skill of prioritizing your work. This is a great strength to have, and will stand you in good stead in your career as well, once you have learnt to prioritize your work and manage your time well.

Become Thrifty

Staying by yourself with a limited amount of money in hand will mean that you can't ask your parents for extra money once you have run out of cash, as you could so easily do while staying with them. While this too sounds scary, but it will actually build up within you the habit of using money wisely, and trying to save some for a rainy day.


When you take a decision to study abroad, there is no doubt that it does wonders for your resume, both educational and professional. But the benefits that people often ignore are the ones which make you a stronger and more independent person. And the good thing is that these good traits also help you become a better professional too.

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