• As studying medicine in India gets tougher due to limited seats and high capitation fee, a number of medical aspirants check out the options abroad to become qualified doctors. Although taking the overseas route in the healthcare industry has been in prevalence for quite some time, over the past few years there has been an average increase of about 10-15 per cent increase in the number of students going abroad for studying medicine. While choosing the institutes abroad for medical studies — at undergraduate or post graduate level — there are several factors that a student needs to keep in perspective to enable him/her to choose the option most suitable for them. For Indian Student Elligibility - 1-Student who Pass 12th Exam with PCB with 50% . What is MCI Screening Test? Each student having a degree from MCI affiliated medicinal college from abroad need to give a licensing test (unlike to the individuals who go from India) which is named as FMGE exam or a MCI Screening Test. The MCI screening test for foreign medical graduates is held every year twice in June and December. The students on completion of MBBS course in June every year and then opt for crash course of MCI screening test up to September and give their first attempt in December. The exam is led by NBE and one can check the site of FMGE. Approximately, around 10,000 students from India choose to pursue MBBS in different MCI affiliated colleges in various nations, for example, MBBS in China, MBBS in Russia or MBBS in Kyrgyzstan and so on. Prior the students choose about MBBS abroad as an option, everybody thinks about the MCI Screening Test or FMGE Exam as one of the hindrances to pass. Unquestionably without the coaching or steady planning for this exam it would be a major hindrance in the dream to become a doctor. For such an extensive lump of students, one needs to have clear answer for MCI Screening Test or FMGE Exam Coaching.