A wide range of opportunities is opening up for Indian students to study abroad. An overseas degree not only fetches an additional mileage to the education but also gives International exposure. An additional privilege to the students is the affordability of fee which is now possible because of easy availability of student loans. These trends have given rise to the high demand of educational consultants that can act as guides for students who want to study in countries such as Singapore, Dubai, Australia, UK, USA and Middle East.
    Unisys Educational and Research Pvt. Ltd is formed with an aim of facilitating students by providing them with better quality consultation in regards to higher studies. Our overseas study program helps students in two forms:

    • Indian students can consult us to pursue higher degrees overseas
    • Overseas students can consult us to pursue higher degrees in India.



    We have the direct tie ups with many Indian and overseas University Colleges and Schools. Our Staff has the expertise to address all your questions and concerns. The number of students who want to make a successful career internationally has increased to a greater extent and this is the main reason that has influenced the demand for compatible educational consultants. In these circumstances, we can heart fully say that Unisys will be the best guide for students who want to pursue different kinds of degrees. With the help of Unisys, gone is the time when education abroad was just a dream. For the right candidate, Unisys will make all dreams come true!




    Within the past few years, with the rise of the internet, students have become more cautious and careful. Another strong factor is the availability of different courses present in various subjects. Since the career choice ranges wide, it�s not uncommon for a student to get confused. So, students these days look forward towards educational consultancies that can help them by providing guidance and support. The motto of Unisys is to deliver right guidance as an educational consultancy with focus on countries such as Dubai, Singapore, Middle East, Australia, USA and UK, France, Germany, Poland and many more countries wherever student wants to pursue their education. We also provide detailed information related to different universities and courses that the students are interested in.
    Our expert counselors will carefully examine your academic records and potentials before suggesting the best course. We will introduce students to different kinds of options that can be availed so that they can make the best decision for themselves. We understand the pressure inflicted upon modern age students and how desperately they seek consultancies that can show a proper way to them. Unisys will provide you information, guidance; suggestions as well as support that can be used for building a strong career.




    Many people have concerns related with the authenticity of information provided by educational consultancies. At Unisys, Our consultants have the wide knowledge of overseas education and have over 5-10 years of experience in the field. We want nothing short than the best consulting for our students. Whether you want to study overseas or if you are an overseas student and want to study in India, we will show you the best possible direction. Give us a call and talk to us, you will understand about our fair intentions.


Doing the right thing, at the right time.



We are objective while giving guidance and consultancy with no considerations other than aptitude and interest.Working with visionary governments, we oversees the delivery of programs that strive for education for all � whether that is through establishing gender parity, rebuilding education systems following conflict or reaching the hard to reach.




The team at Unisys is highly experienced and has international exposure in the field of Education.Unisys helps people really believe in their dreams. We provide guidance and advice to many people.This helps each person in realizing their full potential and helping them achieve success.




We are totally up-to-date about the educational trends worldwide and thus we dedicate ourselves completely for this purpose.We act as a bridge by providing Indian students with internships in foreign countries. Unisys as an educational consultancy is not just for the service of Indian students but also of the NRI students.